5 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Internet is undoubtedly a game of numbers, the higher the number, the higher are the chances that you get attention and applause! Now, let’s talk about this number scenario in terms of website traffic. We bet most of you would have been struggling to gain the right amount of traffic over your website and might have been wondering how to attain this number! Well, hereby, we will be bringing you the five interesting ways that would answer your concern for the question, how to get millions of traffic to your website and this context would further bring you some of the best web designers in Singapore.

What is website traffic?

How to increase website traffic?

Create a Resource Page

  • Creating an Appreciation Page-This page includes a list of individuals and companies that have contributed to the success of a business.
  • Creating a Resource Page-Under this section, one may include the websites from the web, that inspires and sets a great example for others.
  • Listing down the favorite products-This section may comprise of a list of all your favorite products, with a short and precise description for each of these categories of products.

Once you have created a resource page, prepare a tweet or any other social media post tagging those individuals and the companies that you have tagged and let them know! According to a marketing company, TapInfleunce, Influencer Marketing can help you get 11 times more Return On Investment (ROI), in comparison to any other marketing techniques.

Reach Every Reader with “Medium”

If you haven’t heard about the popular online publishing platform, “Medium”, then you might have missed something very important! According to a recent study, it was observed that one of the users over “Medium”, was able to reach over 30,000 views for her post and this is not something very surprising, there are some more cases, whereby, the number of viewers has overpassed this figure. Hereby, one need not create fresh new content for Medium and one may use the one which has been already been published over the web and provide a link to the original post. Now, you might be wondering, whether “Google” would penalize you for duplication? Well No, Google permits duplicate content, provided that it’s syndicated and this is what we call a Canonical URL, and further Medium works on this URL by default.

Advertise the Content Wisely

As we say, “Something that Appears Good, Finds a Buyer Easily”! So, make your website appear so good in design, content, and theme, so that any random visitor cannot resist checking it out! Hereby, one can create a compelling advertisement, that looks so catchy to the viewers that they not only explore it further but also share it with their friends and others. One can post great advertisements over the places where one spends most of their time, like social media platforms, search engines in the form of PPC advertising, and other similar areas.

Create a QR code for your Website

Isn’t that interesting to simply scan a “QR code”, instead of typing a lengthy URL? Surely it is! Hereby, what one can do is generate a QR code for free for their websites and place it over the offline marketing posters, social media posts, merchandise, and other such places. Thus, whenever, someone comes across any such advertisement, then, they would not be able to resist themselves from scanning the QR code and this would eventually direct them to the specified website.

Get started with Quora

Today, Quora ranks as the best place for online discussions and receives huge traffic from all corners of the world. Hereby, what you can do is, find a question related to your niche, write down an answer to it, and provide a link that directs the users to your website. While this can help you get the right traffic, but, it should be noted that the answer that you write does not appear like a promotional one, rather it appears as relevant to the visitors.


Originally published at https://www.pixelsoftwares.com.sg on March 5, 2021.

Clover IT Services is one of the leading technology companies that offer state-of-the-art, Web and Software development, Offshore Staffing & Beyond.

Clover IT Services is one of the leading technology companies that offer state-of-the-art, Web and Software development, Offshore Staffing & Beyond.